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FAQ: Advertising in MYBENTA
Q. What will I get if I advertise in MYBENTA?
A. You will be highlighting your advertisement althroughout our website in front of thousands of sellers and visitors of our site.
Q. What do I need to advertise in MYBENTA?
A. You would need a banner size of classified leaderboard 970x120, classified skyscraper 180x600 or and mobile banner 300x75 and a little bit of creativity wont hurt. The 970x120 banner is displayd on all classified ads and homepage of full web version, while 180x600 is displayed on all search results and seller page. We also have 300x75, which is the mobile banner and displayed on all classified, search and seller page on the mobile version of MYBENTA.
Q. Where can I get these banners for banner advertising?
A. Our system generates banner size of 970x120, which you can use for free. You can see this banner preview everytime you open your ads you are logged-in. You can download it clicking the download button.
Q. Can I upload a banner I made on my own?
A. Yes, you can. We do not limit our user's creativity. In fact, we highly encourage it.
Q. What is the minimum cost of placing an advertisement in MYBENTA?
A. You can place a 300x75 banner for as low as P5/day with a minimum of 10 days.
Q. What payment options do you have for advertising in MYBENTA?
A. We currently have PayPal, Gcash and Smart Money at the moment, but we are going to add other popular payment methods like bank deposits and other money transfer methods very soon.
Q. What should I put in the link field (marked as optional)?
A. This is the link you wish to redirect visitor when they click on your banner advertisement in our site. By default, we will be pointing this link to the MYBENTA advertisment you have created the banner for. However, you can also put your website link if you wish to.
Q. Can I see a preview of the banner I wish to advertise in MYBENTA, before deciding to pay?
A. Yes, there is a live-preview you can choose, so you would see exactly it would be on our website, before you make any payment to us.
Q. How can I see how many views and clicks do my advertisement has made?
A. Sellers with banner advertising can now view their banner stats under the "banner" dropdown menu once logged-in. Our system will also be sending amount of views and clicks to your email address by the conclusion of the banner advertisement period you have availed.
Q. How can I contact MYBENTA if I have other advertising inquiries?
A. You can send an email to [email protected].

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